Enjoy Sitting.. 

“This training is going to be boring…” that’s what I thought the first time I stepped in the training room. …… since I don’t know anyone, I found it hard to blend in.

Now, I’m still not comfortable with the atmosphere, maybe I still need more time to adjust. It was not really hard for me to make friends with other people but this time it’s different, and I don’t know why. They all belong to thier own circle of friends so It’ll be hard for me to push myself and be one of them.

Sitting. I find it boring to sit for almost 8 hours everyday, then all you have to do is listen to what your trainer is saying. Well, this training proves me wrong. This whole training thing really ROCKS! oh.. not really.. hehe^_^ But this training is one of the best. If you’ll ask me now how to spell the word ‘COOL’ that would be J-O-N-A-S.. hehe.. Kidding aside. He’s really cool. My co-trainees? They’re all jolly, out-going and very accomodating.

Now I know.. ^_^